Let’s do this✊💥

After so much thinking,searching and trying to create something to come up with.I just had to drop off the pressure😩and trust what God had to say😁.

Hi everyone🙋‍♀️,am so happy to be here.Am truly grateful to God who made this possible and to you for being part of the Metanoia blog😊

You are much more valuable to me💞 and It’s a pleasure starting off with you as we discover much more on who we are in Christ.More posts would be coming up soon,so keep an eye on that😉

I count myself not to have apprehended all things guys but I know the one who knows it all and I trust Him to reveal a lot of things to us as the day goes by.

Just wanted to let you know that

GOD is raising His sons and daughters.

Ones who are bold.

Ones who shine as light and are not intimidated by the darkness💥

Ones who understand Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Ones who express His heart.

Ones who not just hear but understand and do the will of the father.

There is an awakening,a revelation of Himself(Christ).

There is an understanding of the direction God has called us to.🙏

I believe God is raising an Army,ones who are equipped with righteousness and the whole Armour of God.

Ones who subject thoughts and cast down imaginations that tries to raise itself above the knowledge of God.

There’s no turning back guys because we are arising as light where ever we go.👣

We are believing,standing firm and acting on God’s word.✊


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